Monday, June 15, 2009

My dog.

My dog is big. It is white and spot black. It is dalmasain dog. I love it.

Advertisement " Sell Bird's Nest"

My friend has many bird's nest to sell, it is beautiful. She is own bird's nest.
If anybody is interested it. You can contact her by calling phone nunber 081 - 8939608.

My loving school.

My loving school' s name is Watprachumsuksa. It's on Petkasem Road. This place is in Mooban Tungmaprao, Ampor Taimuang.
My school is very very old because it was built in many many years ago. In 1991
a part of building was destroy by gas bomb. Now my school has new building, it has
three floors but I don't like it. Because it made me tired to upstair to work.